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Ocean Sea Shell & Starfish Faux Pearl Bracelet

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No matter if you are ocean lover, surfer, or beach aficionado, you are sure to adore this exquisite sea shell, starfish and pearl bracelet. Amazingly detailed it features gorgeously handmade pendants that are eye-catching and extravagant. Your ideal necklace to add meaning and delicate jewelry into your life.



Premium quality backed with a money-back guarantee

15% of profits put towards marine wildlife conservation


Get this amazing bracelet now for our special discounted price. It is a great and meaningful gift idea too!


Bracelet’s Meaning:

Sea Shells as a totem are known for their protective powers and are used for love, prosperity, and chakras in various cultures across the globe.

The starfish on the other hand as a totem is said to be a star fallen from the sky into the sea. They are seen as symbols of divine and love and represent guidance, vigilance, inspiration, brilliance, and intuition.

Wear this stunning bracelet for protection and to attract love and prosperity.

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